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SmartCargo is new technology layer that solves the inherent logistics industry issues optimising key processes for a 10x improvement in efficiency and up to 80% reduction in operating costs.

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SmartCargo is a customized solution that manages all logistic processes of the cargo industry. Being one of the largest industries on our planet, it includes:

airplanes per year

ships per year

trucks per year

trains per year

$8.1 trillion The value of the global logistics market.

$15.5 trillion The expected growth of logistics by 2023.

$92 billion The expected growth of logistics by 2024.

55 billion tons Freight being transported annually.

The cargo industry faces many problems:

Paper documentation

  • Administrative errors
  • Time inefficiency
  • High costs
  • Environmental pollution


  • Cargo theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Document manipulation
  • Delivery time not respected

Manual process

  • Telephone inquiries for transport and insurance services
  • Creation of documents by hand for each shipment
  • Time and resource consumption
  • Frequent mistakes

Old technology

  • Organizational inefficiencies
  • Overly complicated to use
  • Multichannel communication
  • No online access to documents or cargo

Cargo delivery

  • Proof of delivery on paper
  • Provides no information about the status of delivery
  • A time lag in the supply of information about the completed delivery
  • Tampering with goods

SmartCargo enables:

Automatization of the operational process

Live tracking of singular shipment

Security and transparency of cargo data

Instant multi-level communication

Cost savings throughout the whole logistics industry

SmartCargo’s Mission:

We believe the shipping process should be automated, secure and transparent throughout the logistic process. Our mission is to give all participants the solution for a stress-free logistic process with access to live cargo tracking.

SmartCargo roadmap

Q2 – 2017

  • Idea is born & Research begins

Q3 – 2017

  • Idea validation from various trucking companies
  • Idea validation from various shippers

Q4 – 2017

  • Learning experience from our partner CargoX

Q1 – 2018

  • Team formation
  • Architecture of Smart Cargo ecosystem development

Q2 – 2018

  • Talks with major ERP providers
  • Start of STO compliance process
  • Platform development begins
  • Working on used cases for PILOT projects

Q3 – 2018

  • LTFE (Laboratory for telecommunication) & LMMFE (Laboratory for multimedia) joins the team
  • Partnership with Faculty of electrical engineering Ljubljana

Q4 – 2018

  • SC Demo Release
  • SC Platform MVP release
  • STO Begins (Private & Public sale)

Q1 – 2019

  • Market penetration: Italy
  • SC Platform ver. 1 + Hardware MVP

Q2 – 2019

  • First test pilots in Italy & Slovenia

Q3 – 2019

  • Expansion & pre-sales: Germany

Q4 – 2019

  • Finished live tracking hardware for other cargo types
  • Finished SC Smart Pallet
  • Foundation of Logistics Lab with Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana

SmartCargo core team

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