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SMARTCARGO partners with OMNIOPTI to elevate route optimization capabilities in logistics

13. August 2020

SMARTCARGO and OMNIOPTI partnership represent one big step toward the ultimate route.

The easiest way to ruin your customer experience is by delaying deliveries, or worse – giving them incorrect or vague delivery timelines. To protect your company’s profitability and reputation, your drivers must meet every delivery timeline. If you fail to deliver a smooth and positive experience, it can push existing customers toward competitors, and announcing bigger trouble for your business.

Customers should have access to alternative routes which were unknown or inaccessible so far. The possibility to choose a better, faster and more reliable way to deliver goods eliminates the danger of delays and or being vague on delivery timelines. The aim of SmartCargo and OmniOpti partnership is to give the customer an option to choose the best and optimal routes based on their needs, regardless of the type of transport or several loadings/unloadings.

Gregor Humar, CEO and Founder of SMARTCARGO said:

»We are very pleased to welcome the innovative technology company OmniOpti into our family. Their advanced alternative route optimization algorithm upgrades our digital transformation platform in a way that elevates customer’s exceptional excellence. The outcome for SC customers is an ability to dispatch their shipments faster, safer and more reliably from the current process by shaping and bringing technologies together into one transparent system.  We look forward to all the challenges in the future and hope for the best.«

Martin Pečar, Founder of OmniOpti added:

»We are happy that our solutions are powering more and more products of our partners. We are striving to provide modular components, which can be easily integrated into existing solutions, boosting their performance, and improving the bottom line, making everyone in the process happier. For us, SmartCargo is an ideal partner, and we are looking forward to improving logistics globally in partnership with them.«

About OmniOpti

OmniOpti is a software development company, focusing on providing IT solutions for logistics.

OmniOpti’s core competence is multi-objective route optimization, using a proprietary novel algorithm which is exceeding previous results by far. Apart from that, other solutions for logistics, such as classic Vehicle Routing Problem solvers, Yard Management, and Warehouse Arrival Reservation systems, are also provided. Customers can instantly save money by using their solutions, also thanks to the SaaS business model. Their focus is to provide state-of-the-art modular components, with simple API connectivity, which enables OmniOpti to operate on international markets and in multi-party environments.

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About SmartCargo

SmartCargo is an avant-garde IT company, offering a solution for the digital transformation of the logistics process. SmartCargo’s revolutionary digital platform offers a fully digital application of paper documents and provides full control over user’s cargo flow. SmartCargo’s innovation optimizes key logistics processes, ensuring a dramatic improvement in performance (up to ten times faster) and a significant reduction in operating costs (up to 83%)

SmartCargo connects shippers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies, and all other potential stakeholders using our organized and well-balanced ecosystem.

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